We want more…financial security, better health, happiness, a connection to something greater.   Surveys clearly demonstrate that the number of cancer patients who pursue some form of complementary or alternative medicine such as Reiki, yoga, healers or diet change is rising dramatically every year.  TV shows that focus on those who speak to the dead or involve psychic abilities have become more prominent.   Mainstream department stores and even discount stores sell items such as crystals for calming the mind or for specific healing, aromatherapy products and beautiful cards that help predict your future.

As a culture, we may not all believe that holding a rose quartz stone can help you become more loving or that those who are reported to possess intuitive abilities like John Edwards (not the politician!) can actually communicate with our loved ones on the other side, but as a whole, we are less likely to dismiss these things completely.  We are collectively becoming more open to the thought that perhaps there might be some merit to at least some of these approaches.   We know this to be true because of the increase in book and other product sales as well as record-breaking attendance at public events.

Those of us who have had personal experiences in what is sometimes called the metaphysical sciences, know it to be very real.  My mother died when I was 17 and this began my exploration into this whole new world.  I received information from her through dreams, my own intuitive knowledge and through others that proved to be true and that I could not have known otherwise.  Because I had become aware that things existed beyond what I could see, hear and touch, my world opened up.  I was filled with a desire to know more.  I have experienced many modalities related to “new age” and presently channel a group of entities called The Ones. Previously I communicated messages from The Many.  Even I am amazed by what comes through me when they speak.  The words are not mine and the content is almost always something that I knew nothing about.

Our pursuit of this type of knowledge or experience is not so different from those who follow a traditional religious path.   What we have heard or been told rings true to us enough that we choose to pursue it further.  We want more.  We go to church, we try to follow the guidelines of being a good person (such as the Ten Commandments) and for most, this is done “on faith”.   But if we happen to experience a miracle… we transform from FAITH to KNOWING.  Personal experience is a wonderful eye-opener and teacher.

So for me… I KNOW.  I know that there is so much more.  I have experienced it firsthand.  And I also know that most of us are not aware of our potential.   There is something greater and it can be called energy, higher self, source, spirit, God or many other names.  We need to stop being so obsessed with what we call “it” and stop degrading those who call “it” something different.  Is your path helping you grow?  Does it help you become a better person?  To be happier?  To love life and yourself?   If it has a positive focus and fosters joy and love, then I hope you fully embrace your path while letting others do the same with the path they have chosen.   I believe we are on this earth to learn and that the path for each of us might be very different.  The important thing is that we learn and accomplish all that we came here for.