The Ones – Be still and know that you are God

The Ones speak of accepting what is coming into your life and what is not and how we are truly part of everything. Their message is powerful… this is not one to skip!

Click to listen:  Be still and know that you are God 5-9-11

The Ones – The weather teaches us how to FLOW

The Ones share how the ebb and flow of weather shows us how to move towards being in that place where we are in tune with spirit and where we feel the same no matter what is happening.

Click to listen:  The weather teaches us to flow 3-27-11

Preparing for Valentine’s Day

The Ones speak of opening your heart chakra and increasing your energy field. They share many tips for doing this such as diet and service to others.

Click here to listen:  Valentines Day-Opening Your Heart Chakra 2-13-11

Forgiveness – of others and yourself

The Ones speak about forgiving yourself. Many of our “unpleasant” experiences, things that we have done and things that were done to us, were actually gifts, even though they may not have seemed so at the time. They let us know that we need to LET GO. We are not the things we say and do!

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The Ones_Forgiveness & Your are not what you say and do 1-23-11

A Guided Healing Meditation, length 18:36

The Ones lead you through a relaxation experience with techniques for self-healing. This is one you don’t want to skip!

Click to listen:  The Ones – Guided Healing Meditation Jan 11, 2011

A New Year! Prepare for growth and change

The Ones speak about letting go of all that which has been holding you back. They tell us that this year will be one for learning, refreshing our knowledge, and planting seeds for new growth. The also tell us that this will be a year for changes on our planet for the expansion of complementary medicine and for the blending of technology and spiritual evolvement.

Click to listen:  The Ones_New Year-prepare for year of growth

Redesigning your Christmas

The Ones discuss how there are often different emotions during the holidays that come from feeling unsure of what to do. Who to purchase gifts for, how to celebrate the holidays, etc.  What we have done in the past may not suit us now. They suggest focusing on the memories of holidays past – what brought meaning for you?

001_A_013_TheOnes_Redesigning your Christmas 12-11-10

Fall – preparing for the new year

The Ones discuss how Fall is a time for reflection on your purpose and direction and for purging and letting go.

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The Ones-Fall, ATime for letting go 11-14-10

Clean out your cupboards

The Ones discuss discarding what is no longer needed. What is keeping you from moving forward?

001_A_011_TheOnes_Clean out your cupboards 11-30-10


The Ones talk about how rather than being “the end”, as surrender is often thought of, it is actually more of a choice to Let Go… to Let God… to allow yourself to hear the whispering in your ear. Rather than giving up, is is becoming more powerful.

001_A_007_TheOnes_Surrender – 10-19-10