Change is a gift!

The Many speak on the first day of a cold front and how wonderful it is to fee the change. Change is what propels us forward, stimulates us and challenges us. It is our gift.

001_A_005_TheOnes_Change is a gift 9-27-10

Nurture your spirit

The Ones discuss nurturing your spiritual side and loving yourself and focusing on giving. Service can be your meditation!

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The Ones-Nurture your spirit 9-16-10

Tuning in to your body

The Ones – Tuning in to your body 8-28-10

The Ones lead you through a relaxation exercise that includes a body scan with guidance on being aware of areas that need your attention.

Taking the focus off yourself

The Ones speak on how your pain and challenges may be part of a process of purging.  They speak on how this contributes to our becoming more conscious and offer guidance on something we can do to help this process along.

001_A_004_TheOnes_Give to Someone Else Aug 2010

The Ones — Healing the Planet

The Ones share a powerful message – be sure to listen to this one!

Did you know there is a ripple effect when you raise your consciousness that actually heals the planet?  Listen to what The Ones have to say about this.

TheOnes — Healing the Planet 8.21-10

Lack & Political Climate Improving

Lack & Political Cimate Improving – Oct 7.21.10

Play and Laugh More!

Play & Laugh More!


It is summertime!  The Ones remind us that this is a very good time to add more play, laughter and silliness into our daily routine.

The Ones – Time to Stop Living a Lie

The Ones – Time to Stop Living a Lie

The Ones tell us that it is time we stop deluding ourselves and begin to take steps to live the life we are supposed to live.

The Ones – Breath, Water, Gratitude and More

Breath, water, gratitude and more! 05.30.10

The Ones share messages on the importance of some basic elements that are so very important for us.  Hear a new twist on gratitude.

The Ones – A technique for increasing your energy

001_A_003_TheOnes_A technique for increasing your energy_2010_06_15

The Ones speak on June 15, 2010 on using your energy for healing and lead the listener through a visualization on sending energy to another person while raising one’s own energy level.  “Belief opens the door to ability, to success, to achievement.”